Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Area

A rehabilitation centre at Flinders Medical Centre means patients can begin their rehabilitation as soon as they are ready, so they can achieve the best recovery outcomes. The modern, purpose-built facility includes 55 single patient rooms, gymnasium spaces with beautiful views, robotic equipment and a hydrotherapy pool.

flinders rehab centre

Ward Service

Duties include helping patients with their written or electronic (IPAD) discharge surveys and help with understanding lunch menu’s and placing orders. Volunteers assist staff to make the patients’ stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. To provide a supportive service for patients by being willing to listen, chat or perform personal services


Time: Monday – Friday

9.30am – 1.30pm

Amenities Trolley

Visit the wards with small trolley providing patients an opportunity to purchase items such as the newspaper, magazines, toiletries, confectionery etc.


Time: Monday – Friday

9.30am – 1.30pm

Talk Back Group – Stroke Lived Experience

The program is designed to assist people living with aphasia. Aphasia is caused as the result of a stroke or head injury. Aphasia can cause difficulties in talking, reading, writing, understanding conversation, amongst other problems.  Talkback provides a very safe and congenial atmosphere where those living with aphasia can come together and communicate to whatever degree they wish, using whatever means they have to communicate (verbal, IPAD, writing etc).

Duties include, setting the room up, facilitate with the fluidity of discussions and assist in ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to provide input, help anyone needing assistance with the use of their phone or IPAD etc. This role requires patience and an ability to listen.


Time: Specific Days as required by staff

10.00am – 11.30am

Upper Limb/Occupational Therapy

Provide one to one support for clients in Arm Action Therapy group post stroke or other brain injury. Duties include, under direction from Occupational Therapy staff,  a timed and repetitive activity in a small group situation. Record their activities on a personal chart to indicate progress over time. Discuss with OT staff as required.


Time: Monday – Friday

9.30am – 12.30pm

Administration Support

Duties include collating of Patient Information Packs, filing, looking after flowers in patient’s room,

complete questionnaires with patients who are being discharged etc.


Time: Monday – Friday

As needed

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